Bell & Ross Replica Watches A constellation for women

— Swiss Replica Bell & Ross Ca reaches for the sky with its new ladies’ timepiece, the BR S Diamond Eagle – a paean to the constellation of Aquila, the eagle.


This latest offering from Bell & Ross Fake Watches draws inspiration from the celestial vault, a vast ocean littered with glittering stars. The diamond-studded BR S Diamond Eagle is like a slice of the night sky captured on the wrist.

For millennia, the stars have been used as points of reference by travellers crossing land and sea. Sailors used the position of the stars in the night sky to find their bearings on the ocean, and when the first aviators took to the skies, they used the sun to navigate. Once night fell they turned to the stars to guide their planes. This new timepiece pays tribute to the skies, which have aided travellers since ancient times, and without which many of them would never have reached their destination.

An eagle in the night sky
The refined and contemporary BR S Diamond Eagle brings together a number of celestially inspired details, such as the midnight blue dial, gleaming metal indices that pierce the dark, and seven diamonds that blaze like stars.  The gemstones are arranged on the dial in the shape of the constellation Aquila, which is readily visible from the northern hemisphere. The diamonds are individually selected for their size and brilliance, to accurately reflect the characteristics of the constellation.

The dial combines celestial references with traditional watchmaking skills. The midnight blue dial is sunray-polished, its delicate lines radiating out from the centre like sunbeams. The round dial is set in a square 39 mm case, creating an illusion of looking through an aeroplane porthole. The case is machined from steel and alternately polished and satin-finished to create a harmonious contrast between the bezel and the case, which is water resistant to 100 m.

The BR S Diamond Eagle is driven by a reliable and accurate Swiss-made quartz movement. The engraved caseback also features a stylised rendering of Aquila. Two versions are available, one of which has a bezel set with 66 white diamonds, bringing additional lustre to this horological interpretation of the night sky. The watch is completed with a midnight blue alligator strap with pearlescent hints, reinforcing the palette of blues.


Diamond Eagle © Cheap Fake Watches

Eagle of Zeus
Aquila is a constellation located close to the celestial equator. It’s easy to identify, and its stars are particularly bright. The star grouping was first catalogued by Aratus of Soli and then by Ptolemy in the 2nd century A.D. According to Greek mythology, Zeus sent his eagle out every day to the rock where Prometheus was chained, where it would eat his liver, until Prometheus was rescued by Heracles.

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