Comparative Review Of The Charming Fake Rolex Explorer II Watches And The Old Copy Rolex Air-King Watches

As one of the world top watches in the world, Rolex, has two kinds of classic watches, the copy Rolex Explorer II and the fake Rolex Air-King, for these elegant watches, which one do you favor?

Delicate Fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King Watches

The old fake Rolex Air-King watches are classic and in a few years ago were incorporated into the Oyster Perpetual series. Compared with the new copy Rolex Air-King watches, the bezel of the old one is the exquisite replica Rolex traditional grooved. The silver dial, Roman numerals, the design style of three rows chain link set in one body.

Exquisite Copy Rolex Explorer II Watches

Since 1971, the delicate replica Rolex Explorer II watches began to travel around the world and also participated in numerous expedition. Its 24 hours pointer that allows the cave scholar and polar explorer easily distinguish the day and night, particularly valuable. The new launched copy Rolex Explorer II with 42mm case that is the ideal equipment to challenge the limit.

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