Daphne Guinness And Pink Gold Case Copy Roger Dubuis Velvet Watches

She has the most mysterious allure.The double descent with England and Ireland aristocrat, regarded as one of the most elegant women around the world, at the same time is one of the greatest photographers and artistic director of friends. Daphne Guinness and Roger Dubuis is bonded, the Swiss Geneva watchmaking brand  has unique charming and bold style and also has the same view with her.

Daphne Guinness And Pink Gold Case Copy Roger Dubuis Velvet Watches

She influenced countless artists, just like a beautiful and charming actress, her life dedicated to art stage.She is very interested in the  mysterious watchmaking process, after visiting the factory of the diamonds bezel fake Roger Dubuis, she said: “I am very eager and also with great pleasure to explore the charm that behind the Roger Dubuis there, imagination and precision that are perfectly combined and produced incredible style masterpiece.”

diamond bezel Copy Roger Dubuis Velvet Watches

She who has the chance to cooperate with the world’s greatest artists has become the partners of Roger Dubuis, in order to celebrate this cooperation, famous master photographer Nick Knight will record the moment that Daphne Guinness wear the replica rose gold pointer Roger Dubuis Velvet. The rose gold crown copy Roger Dubuis Velvet series bloom in the charming luster in the Daphne Guinness’s wrist, for this, she is specially selected to wear the retro fashion series.

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