Luxury Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Sertie Replica Watches

Diamonds, white pearls and exquisite colorful diamonds are applied in Sertie watches. Extraordinary watchmaking and traditional craft are presented completely. You can see from the following two kinds of shining Rolex Day-Date fake watches.

Every kind of Day-Date series copy watch with self-winding movements is equipped with unique, exquisite and glorious appearance which is designed and developed by Rolex. The diamonds are plating in the bezels.

  • White Pearl, Gold, Diamonds

Rolex adapts the proprietary technology and subtle material collocation to put forward new appearance design which perfectly present the natural beauty of pearl.

  • Attractive Jewel Surface

Rolex puts forward new jewel surface, shining in the diamonds plating hour time scales. The surface of jewel and diamonds plating bezels Rolex fake watches match very well to be more glorious.

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