New Cool Black Dials Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches

In 1968, astronauts aboard the Apollo 8 spacecraft and became the first person to see the dark side of the moon. 50 years later, OMEGA launched a remarkable fake watch to pay tribute to this great achievement. This valuable timepiece is equipped with a hollowed dial and a unique decorative 1861 movement. Today we will introduce you this great watch in detail.

The black dials remind us of surface of moon.
Black Fake Omega Speedmaster Watches

The wrist watch case is made of a whole black smooth ceramic. To show the beauty of the movement, the wrist watch uses delicate hollow dial. The most amazing thing is the wrist watch movement, which is carved accurately through laser technology to show the feeling of the moon’s surface that is quite vivid. So superb Omega Speedmaster replica watches are called “Dark Side Of Moon”. I guess now you must understand this meaning.

Decorated with yellow, Omega Speedmaster replica watches for men are not so simple.
Self-winding Movements UK Replica Omega Seamaster Watches

In the whole black design, yellow is used to embellish that is quite outstanding. The unique design presents the leading spirit of Apollo 8. Even now it has not been taken to join the space mission, while its great performance in moon still can not be ignored. Maybe one day Omega copy watches with black rubber straps can go to the moon again. That is to say this watch has great value for collection.

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