The History Of Precious Replcia Omega Watches With Some Secrets

In 1879, Louis Brandt died, his two sons Louis Paul and Louis Cesar took over his father’s estate. Due to the quality of spare parts provided is not stable in the local, the two brothers decided to produce all parts, and abandoning the traditional watchmaking method at the same time, to switch to mechanized production.

In 1880, they built the new factory in Vian with well human resources, transportation and energy supply conditions, here is still Omega headquarters.

In 1892, Brandt brothers produced the world’s first Minute repeater watches which can tell the time, the quarter, and the moment.

Brandt brother has died in 1903, at that time, Omega was already the largest Swiss watchmaker, there were more than 800 employees, and annual output of 240000 watches.

Today, the elegant fake Omega watches has developed several series, such as the fashionable copy Omega Constellation series, copy Omega De Ville series, and the replica Omega Seamaster and Speedmaster series, etc. In addition, the large video matrix scoreboard in the modern stadiums around the world, is also one of the inventions of Omega. OMEGA thinks, forming an “OMEGA” interpretation of five letters may make several characteristics of the current market brand, that is: O on behalf of the Olympics, M represents the Mega-precision, E represents Elegance, G represents the Geography (Geography), and A represents Astronaut.

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